Celebrating the sacraments is at the core of our parish life. Our big moments in life are marked in a solemn way from womb to tomb.

On this page we will provide all the details for the celebration of the sacraments and there is a link to more information on each sacrament.


By Baptism your child becomes a member of the parish community. Through the grace of this sacrament your child will share in the very life of God Himself.

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Not only is it an important year in the life of your child, it is also an important year for their class, their teachers, and also for you the parents/guardians. It is also a special time too for the parish community.

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The Sacrament of Penance is also known as the ‘Sacrament of Reconciliation’ or traditionally called ‘Confession’. It is the rite by which sins are confessed and forgiven. The sacrament is celebrated in St. Colman’s Cathedral  -after 10 am Mass, at 3.00-4.00 pm and from 5.15-5.45 pm each Saturday. It is also celebrated each 1st Thursday of the month after 10.oo a.m. Mass in Norwood and the cathedral. It is also available on request.

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The Sacrament of Confirmation will be celebrated in St. Colman’s Cathedral on Saturday, April 14th in two ceremonies at 10.00a.m. and at 1.00 pm. Bishop William Crean will officiate at both ceremonies.

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In this diocese, weddings do not take place on Sundays, Holy Days and during Holy Week.  Preferably, six months notice should be given to the Priest of the parish prior to the date of the wedding.

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Holy Orders

The ongoing life of the church depends on vocations to the priesthood.

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Anointing of the sick – Housebound

The priests of the parish visit the sick and housebound of the parish on the first Friday of every month.

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