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Thought for the day
It is worth noting that of every single person of significance in the Bible, an external journey is required of them that mirrors their interior journey of faith. There are three specific journeys in the Readings today – all across bodies of water.
In the Old Testament today, Moses and the people have journeyed far from Egypt into the wilderness and are not far from the margins of the Promised Land. The whole People of God of the present age—the Church – is on a pilgrim journey mirroring that of the People of Israel described in the Book of Exodus today.
Jesus himself makes many journeys within the confines of Israel and along its borders. Jesus is depicted in His ministry on His way somewhere or has arrived from somewhere else. Today Jesus is in Capernaum – a name meaning ‘border’. The border is the place of decision – whether to stay or to cross over. It is the place of decision for Jesus as the Bread of Life in John chapter 6 .