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Centenary Reflection

This is a milestone year in the history of the Diocese and of St Colman’s Cathedral

This centenary year 2019 is a wonderful unique occasion to celebrate our Faith

We celebrate as a parish and as a diocese

We honour the vision and the craftsmanship of so many in the 46 years of construction

We remember the generosity of so many benefactors down through the years who helped in its construction and its ongoing maintenance to provide a house of prayer – a place of fitting worship

This cathedral was dedicated in 12th of August 1919 ‘For the greater glory of God under the patronage of St Colman’

This year 2019 we hope will be a year of many commemorative events at a cultural, historical  but more importantly at a catechetical, pastoral, and evangelical level to spread the Good News of God’s love to all who enter the doors of the cathedral from home and afar – like the Three Magi who came from afar to honour the Lord, many thousands will make a journey here and will enter these doors through this year to give the Lord praise – here we hope that they can open their hearts to receive Him and, like the Magi,  that they may  return home under His guidance and with renewed hope and purpose having encountered the Lord, seen with Mary His Mother

Wishing you a Happy New Year and a Happy Centenary Year