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Happy New Year 2018

As we say farewell to another year our newspapers and magazines and TV stations will be full of time and space -fillers reviewing the last 12 months and looking ahead to 2018. It is good for us all to do this to express gratitude to God for all that we have accomplished, all that went well, and all that we have received. It is good to ask—and grant—forgiveness. It is helpful to learn from our mistakes. It can also be a time of renewal of effort and resolution for the coming year, that with God’s help we can do great things for Him and for the salvation of others; that we can and must be a witness to the dignity of family life and the dignity of every human life from natural conception to natural death. We have a job to do in 2018 as we celebrate the World Meeting of Families in August. But first comes a mighty challenge, call and invitation to witness to the preservation of the equal right to life of the unborn child in the Irish Constitution. These intentions are remembered at our Mass at 12 noon this Sunday. 2018 is to be a watershed year in our history as a nation. Please God it will be a great year to remember.