First Holy Communion 2017

The parish is delighted to be working in partnership with the home and school in preparation for the sacraments, always acknowledging that you as parents/guardians are the first and most important teachers of your children in handing on the faith.

As part of the preparation for those wishing to receive the Sacraments parenst guradins and other family members are invited to attend Mass each Sunday in the Parish, with the content being altered during specially designated ‘Family Masses’ to be more child-friendly.

As well as attending the Sunday Eucharist those preparing for the Sacraments of penance and Communion receive visual aids which help to prepare the children and provide them with prayers and responses at Mass.

Parents who enrol their child/children to receive the Sacraments through the Parish will receive regular newsletters called “Grapevine”  and letters from the parish to update them on all upcoming dates.

The schedule of Family Masses and ceremonies areas follows:

Family Masses

16th October 2016 29th Sunday in Ord Time Cathedral 10.00am
20th November 2016 Feast of Christ the King Cathedral 10.00am
17th December 2016 4th Sunday of Advent Cathedral 6.00pm(Sat)
15th January 2017 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Cathedral 10.00am
19th February 2017 7th Sunday in Ord Time Cathedral 10.00am
19th March 2017 3rd Sunday of Lent Cathedral 10.00am
16th April 2017 Easter Sunday Cathedral 10.ooam
21st May 2017 6th Sunday of Easter Cathedral 10.00am
18th June 2017 Corpus Christi Mass and Procession 12 Noon

First Confessions 2017

School Church

Monday 6th March Rushbrooke Rushbrooke 7.30pm
Tuesday 7th March Rushbrooke Rushbrooke 7.30pm
Wednesday 8th March St. Mary’s Cathedral 7.30pm
Thursday 9th March St. Joseph’s Cathedral 7.30pm
Thursday 9th March Walterstown Ballymore 7.30pm
Tuesday 14th March Gaelscoil Cathedral 7.30pm

First Holy Communion 2017

Saturday School Church

May 6th St. Mary’s Cathedral 10.00am
May 13th Norwood Cathedral 10.00am
May 13th Walterstown Ballymore 10.00am
May 20th St. Joseph’s Cathedral 10.00am
May 27th Gaelscoil Catherdal 10.00am